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Pre-determined Ideas About Coffee Shop

The city I live in now is even more colorful by coffee shops popping up. Where ever you go, you will find two to three coffee shops along the street, at least. And I’m just happy that all the shops have various styles in the sense of interior theme, building size and designs, decorations and facilities, so that I have more options of shops to go to; depending on the one that supports my purpose.

It’s sometimes fascinates me to imagine the effort invested from shop owners to build and design their establishment carefully, to present their brand identity, shop purposes, having the best, comfy or friendly looking store that welcomes more customers and eventually satisfy their needs of caffeine or whatever purposes they may have. What strikes me is that, from all of that effort invested…

did it ever reach or understood by the customers? Did the design well responded by the customer? Does a particular theme have an impact upon customers’ behavior or interactions?​

It’s an old idea that come into my mind a while ago, yet it took me weeks, almost a month to actually write it (sorry, I’m not much of a writer). I began to ask such question because to me, some designs or theme didn’t really match certain behavior or supports customer activity. For example you see the table is too small to even fit a 13inch laptop but still there’s that girl with tired face and bundles of paper, trying to get her degree; or a group of guys with their tilted phones out taking up a wide space and you can tell that they’ve been sitting there for hours by looking at their empty coffee cups; or probably the most often witnessed, is the group of people laughing at their own joke out loud that makes our head turns, gossiping about their problems that forces us to hear about it too since the rest of the customer are quietly busy with their laptops or trying to have a nice afternoon date. There are many more interactions or behavior that seemed unfitting to be done in certain coffee shops.

I understand that a public space means any place to which the public or a substantial group of the public has access and includes, but is not limited to, streets, highways, and the common areas of schools, hospitals and shops as well, ergo a coffee shop is a public space. Then, as I tried to find the answer to my unnecessary question, I learned that the way we behave in certain places including a public space, we have a predetermined perception or ideas of the destined place. Such perception affects the way we see or experienced the place and perception governs how we respond the space. Therefore, those groups that might annoys us, or didn’t fit the shop’s theme that the owner put so much effort to design it, has a predetermined ideas of what a coffee shop is meant to be (the purpose of coffee shops). So then the question is, where was that predetermined ideas came or developed from? Who construct such perception?